What makes our Preps happy!

Social Emotional learning- What makes our Preps happy?

For our social emotional learning last week- we thought about the positive things in our lives that make us happy. We spoke about how important this is to remember when sometimes you become a little sad- remembering the things that make you happy can help bring your back to the green zone (ready to learn, happy and calm). We were so proud with what the preps came up with. Watch the video to see some of the Preps share their work!

Three Billy Goat’s Gruff

Three Billy Goat’s Gruff

During remote learning we have been learning about the difference between facts (non-fiction) and made up stories (fiction). To explore our fiction texts further we explored the fairytale of ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’. We asked the Preps to create a bridge using materials in a STEAM activity- their bridge had to be strong enough to hold three small toys just like the three billy goats on the bridge. Have a look at their creations below!

We also asked the Preps to retell the story by acting it out with some family members. We love seeing their re-creations of the story. Have a look at James’ (P16) below using real goats!

STEAM: Make a boat challenge

STEAM: Make a boat challenge!

In week 5 of home learning the preps had a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) task set for them. They were asked to to design and create a boat from materials around their home that will still float while holding their favourite small toy. Miss Bree and Miss Jessie were both super impressed with the different boat designs and how well they floated. Some students even tested out multiple boats made from different materials to see which would be the most successful. We love how creative all of our preps are and we can’t wait to challenge them with more STEAM challenges.

Prep Olympics

Prep Olympics

This week the Preps At Home Learning activities and P.E activities have been based around the Olympics as they were scheduled to be taking place between 23rd July  – 8th August.  The Preps have enjoyed activities like creating their own Olympic medals, making their own Olympics obstacle course and creating an Olympic torch craft.


100 Days of Prep!

100 Days of Prep!

We would like to congratulate our beautiful Preps on their 100th day of learning! (Celebrated on Thursday 6th August) Although it has looked a little different this year, we were super excited to share all of our ‘100’ costumes with each other via Google Meet and everyone looked amazing. Miss Bree and Miss Jessie are so proud of all the preppies efforts this year. You are all such happy, resilient kids who always are smiling! We can’t wait until we can celebrate together hopefully in Term 4.

My Culture and Me

Aboriginal Culture

This term we have been learning about different cultures and how families have different cultural backgrounds. This week we read ‘My Culture and Me’ by Greg Dreise and it spoke about aboriginal culture and their connection to the land. On Friday we made our own rain stick instruments as a way of learning about aboriginal music. The students also made their own interpretations of aboriginal dot paintings on their rain sticks. They loved this activity and thoroughly enjoyed learning about this amazing culture here in Australia.

rainsticks- prep from KingsleyParkPS on Vimeo.

Pajama Day!

Pyjama Day

We are so happy to be back together with our students again and it was amazing to see their happy faces walk through our door when we returned to school from remote learning. We are incredible proud of how well they settled straight back into school!

The students so enjoyed pyjama day on the Friday of the 2nd week we returned. We had to share some cute photos from the day!


Speld Home Readers

Decodable Readers SPELD- free online resource

Sometimes home reading books can become repetitive and we would love our students to be practising their letter sounds as much when they can when they are beginning to learn how to read. For this reason, we highly recommend that students read these great online books from SPELD South Australia. Each book is based around a set of letter sounds and are highly decodable. They also include suggestions on how parents can get the most out of each book. These can be read on a tablet or iPad and can quickly be downloaded when you go to start your home reading routine with your child.  Please feel free to add these to their home reading log books and let us know how you go! Happy reading!